Door Seal


To maintain privacy and the required sound transmission loss ratings with acoustic door sets (frame, door and seals), we offer acoustic seals to provide a barrier to airborne sound and help ensure that the acoustic performance provided by a door set which conforms to the specified rating for the wall or partition into
which it is installed.

Acoustic door seals effectively close the gaps for secure, soundproof doors that meet the necessary specifications - even the smallest gap around a door reduces its ability to shut out noise.

The range includes perimeter seals, door stop seals, bottom seals, spring-loaded bottom seals and special meeting stile seals for swing doors.
When applying any acoustic door seal, it’s important to consider any locking or latching requirements that may apply. Acoustica Projects has the expertise to ensure that the correct door seal systems perform safely and effectively to bring closure to your noise problem.


  • Single doors
  • Double doors
  • Swing doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Interior doors
  • Exterior doors
  • Glass, wood or metal doors

Key benefits

  • Simple solution to enhance acoustics and keep exterior noise out
  • The extensive range of acoustic door seals available has all types of entryway covered.
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Durable and robust acoustic door seals


  • Door seals close the gaps in your door system to effectively block out noise
  • Extensive range to suit all door styles, types and sizes
  • Peace of mind acoustic door solution that meets security and safety requirements
  • Sets for single doors:
    • RP10SICS comprises 2 x 2100mm lengths + 1 x 1000mm length
    • RP10SICLS comprises 2 x 2750mm lengths + 1 x 1000mm length
  • Sets for double doors:
    • RP10SICS comprises 3 x 2100mm lengths
    • RP10SICLS comprises 2 x 2750mm lengths + 2 x 2000mm length
    • Bottom seal sets sizes:
    • RP128SIC0600 suits 305-600mm
    • RP128SIC0820 suits 601-820mm
    • RP128SIC0920 suits 821-920mm
    • RP128SIC1070 suits 921-1070mm
    • RP128SIC1220 suits 1071-1220mm
  • Meeting Stile Seal sets sizes:
    • RP16SIC2250 up to 2250mm
    • RP16SIC2750 up to 2750mm


Heavy duty Acoustic Door Sealing systems

An effective combination of seals for solid core doors in situations requiring a consistently high acoustic
performance rating, and where these ratings must be maintained by an adjustment facility.

Medium Duty Acoustic Door Sealing Systems

An effective combination of seals for solid core broad butt hinged doors in situations such as offices, school rooms, hotel rooms and consulting rooms.

Heavy Duty Spring loaded automatic door bottom seal

Lifts clear off the floor as soon as the door is opened.

Threshold Plates

Aluminium or brass extruded Threshold Plates fitted to the sill under doors provide a clean delineation between adjacent floor surfaces and provide an optimum sealing surface for door bottom seals.

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