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Working on that movie room? Or just want to create a quiet space for your home? No matter what your project is for home or business, we can help! Noise control is a science and if done correctly can make for creation of your zen space or a music room with amazing sound absorption

When it comes to design of sound absorption and reduction our team at Acoustica Projects are the experts!

Since 1994, Acoustica Projects has been providing the best acoustical solutions for soundproofing, noise control, acoustical and vibration problems in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia. Our team has grown to 20 staff. With a problem and solution approach to every project, we have partnerships with the best brands and products that are state of the art, across echoing and Reverberation, Impact Noise and Noise Transmission.

How can we help you?

No matter what your sound proofing or noise control needs are, our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help you! At Acoustica Projects, a solution means not only providing the best products but also providing the RIGHT service.

Testing Consultancy -
Design, Testing & Reports.

Aircraft Noise Test for DA (Development Approvals) for new buildings or Existing renovations. Read Mores

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Impact Noise Solution

Offered to units owners that are renovating their floors & need to comply with the strata requirements terms of impact... Read Mores

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Sound Transmission Solution

This test it is when somebody it is complaining that can hear the person next door trough the common wall.. Read Mores

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Reverberation Solution

Restaurants, Halls, Meeting rooms, Music Rooms, Cinema rooms, with too much echo & it feels overwhelming... Read Mores

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Office & Law Firms

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Noise Control Products

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With our service guaranteed we manufacture and source premier noise control products so that you know that they will last! Call Acoustica Projects today for a consultation on which products can work with your particular project!

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Our Past Projects

We have experience working on a diverse range of projects and whether it be for your walls, floors ceilings, studios, meeting rooms, restaurants, sports halls and schools we can get it done! If you are a sound technician, or in the acoustics business or you are a novice we are happy to work with you and guide you on how soundproofing and noise reduction can help you!

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Our talented project managers have over 100 years combined sound proofing experience.

Taking a holistic approach our staff are available to provide any guidance and advise on the best soundproofing and noise reduction solution to meet your needs.