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The Cinema Experience at Home


Going to the cinema is a one-of-a-kind experience, but there’s no place like home. With streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there’s more than one way to enjoy movies now.

Deliver the atmosphere and intensity of the cinema to the comfort of your own space. The immersiveness of a wide screen, enveloping sensations from a surround sound system, and punch of powerful bass, all packed into a room of your dreams.

What We Offer:


We provide an end-to-end service, from concept, design to building and testing our business understands how noise control can affect your working and home environment.

Soundproofing and sound absorption solutions

Design – it is more cost effective to add sound proofing as you are building your studio or we can assist with a total rebuild.

All of our acoustic materials are manufactured locally.

A dedicated Project Manager to help you get the best possible result.

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Acoustica Projects can help you design and create the home theatre of your dreams. Facilitating television and movies as captivating events at home.

We assign a dedicated Project Manager to every project, working with you from start to finish. They’ll walk you through the design process, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your ideals. Choose from our wide range of noise control products, including acoustic panels, bass traps, sound diffusers, and sound-absorbing curtains, all to achieve the ideal listening environment you deserve.

Once everything is reviewed and approved, we’ll convert your design dream into a reality. We’ll achieve this through installing the right features, making sure the decor looks right, and fine-tuning everything to work harmoniously. The perfect home theatre you envisioned is just around the corner.

Design and Construct

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Echoing & Reverberation

Kliptex® – Stretched Fabric System

Impact Noise

Angelstep® 250

Noise Transmission

QuietWave® – Acoustic Barrier


Consultancy, Testing and Reports.

Noise Control Products


With our service guaranteed we manufacture and source premier noise control products so that you know that they will last! Call Acoustica Projects today for a consultation on which products can work with your particular project!


Our Past Projects


We have experience working on a diverse range of projects and whether it be for your walls, floors ceilings, studios, meeting rooms, restaurants, sports halls and schools we can get it done! If you are a sound technician, or in the acoustics business or you are a novice we are happy to work with you and guide you on how soundproofing and noise reduction can help you!

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Our talented project managers have over 100 years combined sound proofing experience.

Taking a holistic approach our staff are available to provide any guidance and advise on the best soundproofing and noise reduction solution to meet your needs.