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Acoustic solutions for commercial spaces are oftentime a necessity and always an added benefit. They deliver an added acoustic challenge with echoing and noise reflection off hard surfaces. As well as, unmanaged sound resulting in an inability to complete difficult tasks, having challenging communication and often inducing stress factors.Our quality grade acoustical solutions actively maximise any commercial environment. Delivering higher customer and patient satisfaction through noise minimisation technology.

For the professional singers, voice actors, and podcasters a commercial studio space needs to be design and built by professionals. Walls, floors, and ceilings all need to be treated with special materials and techniques in order to minimise reflections and echoes. With inhouse studio engineers and design consultants, Acoustic Projects is well equipped to help you with your commercial space set-up. For Acoustic Solutions Sydney and Sound Proofing Sydney, call us today!

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Voice Over Studios

Capture perfect vocal audio with a specially designed voice over recording studio.

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Rehersal Studios

Practice with the band or by yourself with your very own rehersal studio.


Editing & Mixing

Build the editing or mixing room of your dreams with acoustica projects.

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Screening Video

Video is the new format of the internet. Get your very own video editing studio built at home.

What We Offer:


We provide an end-to-end service, from concept, design to building and testing our business understands how noise control can affect your working and home environment.

Soundproofing and sound absorption solutions

Design – it is more cost effective to add sound proofing as you are building your studio or we can assist with a total rebuild.

All of our acoustic materials are manufactured locally.

A dedicated Project Manager to help you get the best possible result.

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Why use Acoustica Projects


Since 1994, Acoustica Projects has provided the best acoustical solutions to soundproofing, noise control, acoustical and vibration problems in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, Australia. A proudly local business, all of our products are manufactured in Australia. We are a leader in the field of acoustical engineering and noise control with a team of over 20+ staff.

In our 28 years of operating, we have become experts in crafting innovative and effective solutions to address a wide range of soundproofing challenges, from multi-family developments and private residences to commercial and industrial spaces.

Our team of Acoustic Consultants have the experience and skills needed to create bespoke solutions that help manage noise disturbances effectively without compromising on aesthetics or quality of life. Speak to our experts for all things acoustics. So if you're looking for top-notch noise control services, look no further!

Acoustic Solutions offered:

Why use Acoustic Projects for your Commercial spaces?


Acoustica Projects has spent years perfecting acoustics for a number of industries and property types including hospitals, theatres, film studios, museums and other spaces. In that time we have perfected the process to help you optimise the sound for your commercial environments. Here are 5 reasons why it’s better to sound proof with us now!

In a professional setting it is important to be clear and concise when communicating. A word misinterpreted can have dire effects. Not to mention noise irritation and being able to have peace and quiet when you are working on a project is also crucial. Acoustica Projects have worked on many different environments and each one is a notch on our belt. We are qualified and certified to handle your project, no problems!

Individuals perform tasks more effectively and efficiently when background noise isn’t present. Although, some can be unavoidable such as air conditioning units and technological devices. Outside noise can significantly reduce performance ability. Excessive noise levels stimulate our nervous system, raising blood pressure and causing stress. Keeping the peace makes you more productive!

Maintaining a sanctity for well known tranquil environments such as churches or libraries is necessary. With the minimisation of sound it offers a more cohesive experience, respecting the nature of the environment. With churches and auditoriums offering a commonality of unique structure, more prone to echoing and noise disruption. It’s crucial that sound proofing measures are taken so speeches, sermons or lectures are not uncomfortable for audience attendance.

Vibration can be caused by various means in a commercial setting such as aeroplanes, heavy machinery, air conditioning and noisy colleagues. Causing irritation to your ears, and in extreme cases damage, as they travel through materials in the building. Our Acoustic Consultants can work with you to assess your situation, provide a strategy and execute it.

Soundproofing is a modern and innovative solution that tackles noise pollution. Who doesn’t like peace and quiet? This will increase the appeal in the property market. Increasing its value significantly and maximising potential buyer prospects.

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Echoing & Reverberation

Kliptex® – Stretched Fabric

Impact Noise

Angelstep® 250

Noise Transmission

QuietWave® – Acoustic Barrier


Consultancy, Testing and Reports.

Noise Control Products


With our service guaranteed we manufacture and source premier noise control products so that you know that they will last! Call Acoustica Projects today for a consultation on which products can work with your particular project!


Our Past Projects


We have experience working on a diverse range of projects and whether it be for your walls, floors ceilings, studios, meeting rooms, restaurants, sports halls and schools we can get it done! If you are a sound technician, or in the acoustics business or you are a novice we are happy to work with you and guide you on how soundproofing and noise reduction can help you!

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Our talented project managers have over 100 years combined sound proofing experience.

Taking a holistic approach our staff are available to provide any guidance and advise on the best soundproofing and noise reduction solution to meet your needs.