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There are some caveats to this approach the reader should be aware of. First, in this retrofitting example the transformations were performed by the browser but executing the transformations server-side has a couple of advantages. Server-side transformation reduces the burden on mobile devices, which have less processing, power, and memory capabilities than the server. The …

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Closures once sat obscurely in functional languages until languages such as JavaScript and Ruby brought them into the mainstream. Likewise, transformations have been buried in frameworks that are alien to the average developer, and the popularity of the transformation approach has been married to the fate of XSLT. This is unfortunate because transformations are more …

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Work On Your Communication Skills Responding to questions and requests from clients can be a full-time job. In fact, on some days I feel like all I’ve done is answer emails. Managers want to be able to offload some communication responsibilities to others on the team — but they need to know that the communication …

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Architectural design requires that acoustics be well-thought-out and coordinated. The sound spectrum must remain clear without portions distorted or missing. The paper, Acoustics and Sound Systems in Architectural Design, emphasizes how acoustic experts should be part of the design team early on. The author describes how it is important to avoid overlapping sound waves that …

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