Why you should include a noise control expert in your next building project

TV remodelling hosts are always transforming ordinary bathrooms into “spa-like retreats,” master bedrooms into “oases of relaxation” but with footsteps drumming overhead, the TV blasting in the next room and seemingly non-stop barking outside, it can be hard to create the retreat you want. The key to real peace of mind? Noise control and reduction.

Understanding how sound travels will help you reduce noise transfer between rooms follow along for strategies to reduce noise during a remodel or in an existing room. So, let’s talk about why you should include a noise control expert in your next building project.

noise control

First, a quick lesson on acoustics


There are two types of sound: airborne and structural. Airborne sound travels through the air — every sound the ear picks up is airborne sound. Structural sounds are vibrations carried through an object, like footsteps on a floor or a hammer banging on the wall. When structural sound becomes airborne sound, we hear it. Because these types of sounds travel in different ways, soundproofing often requires several different tools.

So, why do you need a noise control expert?

There are several reasons why it is always better to implement soundproofing even from before the construction phase.

1. It’s always better to plan ahead


Sound waves will travel the path of the least resistance, which can make it difficult to find exactly where the sound originates. The noise keeping you up at night might be sound bouncing around an air vent or entering the room through an electrical outlet that hasn’t been properly sealed. Unwanted noise can sneak into a room under a door, through a window and anywhere there’s a small hole or space. Even hanging a picture on a wall can ruin the soundproofing quality of that wall.

Because sound can be hard to pinpoint, soundproofing experts advise the best time to consider soundproofing products is at the blueprint phase of a project.

2. Avoid costly mistake


Building a soundproof room from scratch can be easier and cheaper than trying to solve the problem after the walls and flooring have been installed. According to a 2015 New York Times article, Manhattan residents can find themselves spending over $200,000 to silence an existing living space, often resorting to stripping the room down to the studs and floorboards and starting over from scratch with soundproofing products.

3. Products may help… but not always


Thankfully, there are a lot more products in the market that can help with soundproofing — like acoustic panels, acoustic tiles, acoustic paint, and even white noise machine. Most of them even double as art installation nowadays, so you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of the room anymore.

The bad news is, though, sometimes the damage is done. Or dealt with poorly. No matter how many DIY soundproofing tutorials you followed through, you could still hear the music blaring from next door, or the continuous barking of dogs from the other side of the street. Therefore, it’s always better to be on the safe side and leave the soundproofing of your home to the experts. All the more so if you have consulted a noise control expert even before building your home.

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