Why Use Absorber 3D Tiles To Soundproof Your Room

3D Tiles for your noise problems.

An overwhelming majority of the harsh noise you experience in a room is the result of sound bouncing off the ceilings, floors, and any other hard surfaces in that room. Reverberant sound combines with direct sound, resulting in an acoustic muddle that makes listening and communicating extremely difficult. Therefore, it is critical in learning environments to maintain a high level of speech intelligibility.

However, it’s not just educational facilities that are in need of sound quality and reverberation control. Noise levels in hotels, workplaces, recording studios, and, of course, your own private sanctuary, your home, can all make a difference. Elevated noise levels can also have an impact on your lifestyle, causing discomfort and annoyance, among other things.

The use of sound-absorbing panels is a life-saving option for eliminating these issues and giving yourself the pleasure of no-echo, no-reflection sound that colors or muddles amplified speech and music. You can install them on the outside of the wall rather than underneath it so they come in beautiful, eye-catching designs that will complement the room.

Acoustica Projects Newcastle offers Absorber 3D Tiles that can and are used in a variety of applications. In your office, residential home, classrooms, lecture halls, retail shop, give them more aesthetically unique interior features.

3D Tiles not only soundproof a room, but also add a modern feature as wall art and provide excellent sound absorption. Most panels can be arranged in your own pattern, which adds a personal touch. Aside from that, the tiles can be swapped out. As a result, they provide you with the independence and versatility to change your wall designs.

3D Tiles

3D Tiles for your noise problems.

3D Tiles are highly durable as they are lightweight and easy to install. They won’t easily fade and made entirely of polyester fibers. There are no chemical binders with 3D Tiles and they are certified with low VOC. They used non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-irritating materials as it does not contain any Red List chemicals. Lastly, 3D Tiles are classified as Group 1 fire resistant.

We can assure you that our 3D Tiles are lightweight and semi-rigid, redefining sustainable design while reducing reverberation and controlling background noise.

So are you ready to soundproof your home while also making it more aesthetically pleasing?

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