The Reasons Why Acoustical Consultant Is Important

You are planning to renovate your house and need to add some soundproofing system to the wall. Or maybe you are about to build your studio and need to reduce the noise so that no one will complain about the loud sounds you’re making in the future. Installing the best soundproofing system or acoustical products is indeed the best thing you can do. But even if you pick the most expensive brand, there is still one thing you have to do before anything else: consulting an acoustical expert.

What Is an Acoustical Consultant?


Maybe this is your first time hearing about a consultant for acoustical problems. An acoustical consultant is basically an expert in noise. They can help you define the source of the sound, understand the pitch measurements, and figure out the best products for you. An acoustical consultant even goes the extra mile to recommend to you the products, where to purchase them, how many you need, and advise you on where to place them for maximum noise reduction based on your site.

An acoustical consultant specializes in acoustical engineering. They have certified expertise in sound, vibration, and the application of acoustics. With this degree, they not only mitigate the sound but also consider other aspects such as your space’s aesthetics.

Controlling noise is a tricky effort. If noise is not reduced properly, it can cause negatives impacts on our health (read more here). An acoustical consultant has the knowledge and education to accurately analyze the unwanted noise and design a proper and safe noise reduction setup at the same time.

In the case of building your music studio or even bigger, a concert hall, you need more positive sound. A good acoustical installment will give you a high-quality audio experience. This is where an acoustical consultant needs to maximise their expertise to measure, analyse, and determine the best one.

Reasons Why You Need an Acoustical Consultant


1. You need an accurate sound survey for your site

With the complexity of noise control, you can’t just carelessly buy a soundproofing system and install them. You need to consult an acoustical consultant first to survey your place and recommend to you the best solution. An acoustical consultant will measure a variety of factors and provide you with charts and maps of the sound reading. They are trained and equipped to measure because the sound measurement data is critical in determining the product recommendation.

Without consulting an acoustical expert, you will reduce the noise but not properly block it.

2. They will help you to comply with local noise ordinances

If you have yet to know, there is actually a regulation for noise. Of course, you don’t want your neighbours to file a complaint because of the noise you don’t properly control. This is where you need insights from an acoustical consultant to help you comply with the local noise ordinances. They will conduct an analysis and advise you of the result. This way you will find out if the noise you’re making is violating the noise code and what solution you should take.

3. They can also help you in legal disputes over noise issues

If one day you, unfortunately, have to face a legal dispute about noise violation, an acoustical consultant can offer their testimony as an expert witness. They can also help you if you’re the one who wants to file a complaint about the noise from your neighbours. They will provide data that can support your complaint.

4. They will recommend the best products, it helps you to save your time and money

Every place is unique with the touch and taste of the owner. An acoustical consultant will provide you with a professional recommendation based on your individual needs. There are actually quite a lot of noise control products available, but not all of them can fit your site. An acoustical consultant understands this and provides you with the best possible solution.

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