Case Study: Home Theatre Installation

Don’t be intimidated by the process!

Acoustica Project Management have done many  home theatre installations. Every one is special – we  tailor our Home Theatre Installation product to your  needs and tastes. Our products are made by us here  in Sydney, so we can get every little detail exactly as  you want it, and stick to timelines and budgets.

Where do we start?

An Acoustica Project Management consultant can come to your site to discuss the possibilities.

There are a range of boundaries we can establish in  just one meeting;

What degree of soundproofing can your site  achieve?

What sound transmission, reverberation and impact measures should be taken to achieve  the desired results?

What combination of products – from flooring  to acoustic paint, to door frames and  windows – will give you the best results?

After taking measurements, we’ll be ready to quote  you on a process that will bring your dreams to life.

Call Acoustica Project Management on 02 9550 2900 to discuss your needs.