Soundproofing Products to Create More Aesthetic Feels to Your Bedroom

Aesthetic Room with Soundproofing

The family holiday is approaching and it’s time to makeover your personal space. Imagine the noise that will come with your relatives these upcoming weekends. While you’re at it, why don’t you check out these soundproofing products that not only can block the noise but also make your room look more aesthetically pleasing?

Start with modifying your wall, here are your choices

The first and easiest way to make your room more aesthetically pleasing is by doing something to the wall. You can either paint the wall or install wallpaper or fabric. Here are the best choices from Acoustica Projects.

1. Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric - Noise Control Products - Acoustica Projects

Acoustic Fabric is useful for situations where the noise problems are caused by higher frequencies, such as speech levels. Acoustic Fabric comes in various colours to match the ambience in your room.

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2. Descor® – Stretched Fabric System

Acoustic Wallpaper - Acoustica Projects

Acoustica Projects are proudly the only provider for DESCOR® in Australia.

The Descor® acoustic system consists of mineral cotton and micro-perforated acoustic material.

The system can be installed on ceilings and walls to offer exceptional acoustic values as well as allowing you to choose your design from our wide range of images, to personalise your room to suit the ambience and décor you desire.

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3. Acoustic Paint

Acoustic Paint - Acoustica Projects

Acoustica Projects uses acoustic paint that is proven to reduce and absorb sound by 2,51 dBm/Hz in just a single coat – and we usually use two coats. Combined with other materials, this product is a major eliminator of noise transmission.

Our product is suitable for use on both interior and exterior surfaces (although mild conditions will prolong life and maximise the paint’s noise-reducing properties).

Easily applied via roller, brush, or airbrush, our acoustic paint is as easy and flexible in its uses as any household or industrial paint.

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If you want to just decorate your wall, you can choose from the following

Sometimes, painting over your wall can be a handful of work. It can also take a long time to finish. If you don’t feel like painting your room or putting fabric over your wall, these products can be your choice.

1. 3D Tiles

Acoustica Projects | Absorber - 3D Tiles

These 3D Tiles add a contemporary element as wall art, as well as providing excellent sound absorption. Most panels can be displayed in a pattern of your own making for that personal touch. The tiles are also interchangeable, giving you the flexibility to change your wall designs.

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2. Horizon™ – Shaped Baffles and Panels

Horizon™ Noise Control Products - Acoustica Projects

Horizon™ is a decorative way to help minimise echo or reverb problems. There are five geometric shapes and 15 colours for you to choose from, and you can customise a different shape.

The shapes can be fitted directly to walls or be suspended from ceilings, all without the use of adhesives.

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Here’s another practical sound-absorbing product you can also choose from Acoustica Projects

The Aeropac® is a quiet air ventilator for when the room is near a noisy environment. It uses the same amount of energy to run as a TV on standby and is easy, fast, and clean to retrofit. The Aeropac®’s sleek and contemporary design blends into every room type and runs as quiet as a whisper.

Aeropac® Acoustic Ventilation - Noise Control Products - Acoustica Projects

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Now you have the best choices on your plate! If you still want more, contact us now!

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