Soundproofing Gift Guide For The Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start searching for that perfect present for your loved ones. This holiday season, give the gift of silence! Check out these soundproofing products that will give your friends and family peace and quiet.

Acoustica Projects’ Gift Guide for the Holidays!


For Echoes and Reverberations

Sound reverberation occurs when a sound source ceases in a space and creates a prolongation of the reflected sound. These reflections (echoes) create either a ‘live’ or a ‘dead’ sound atmosphere by adding a sense of space.

Acoustica Projects team can tailor a sound reverberation solution that suits your needs and goals by providing professional acoustic treatments. Get help from our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable acoustics consultants to decide the best soundproofing materials, starting from sound-deadening ceiling tiles, absorptive panels, acoustic absorbers and much more! If your loved ones are experiencing these problems, it might be a good idea to gift them the following products for the holidays.

1. 3D Tiles

3D Tiles - Noise Control Products - Acoustica Projects

These stylish tiles add a contemporary element as wall art, as well as providing excellent sound absorption. Most panels can be displayed in a pattern of your own making for that personal touch. The tiles are also interchangeable, giving you the flexibility to change your wall designs.

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2. Kliptex® – Stretched Fabric System

Echoing & Reverberation

Kliptex® is a customised stretch fabric system which includes a sound absorption material concealed within the perimeter of the Kliptex® frame.

Noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) can be adjusted to the needed specifications per room.

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3. Horizon™ – Shaped Baffles and Panels


Horizon™ is a decorative way to help minimise echo or reverb problems. There are five geometric shapes and 15 colours for you to choose from, and you can customise a different shape.

The shapes can be fitted directly to walls or be suspended from ceilings, all without the use of adhesives.

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For impact noise

Impact sound (or impact noise) occurs when two objects impact each other in the process of sound transmission. Impact sound can be in a form of noise nuisance which causes health problems and can disturb residents and workplaces.

Reduce the impact sound now by employing Australian-made soundproof flooring materials and acoustic underlays as part of your noise reduction solution. Do not hesitate to call our acoustic consultants to get the best acoustic treatment recommendations for you.

1. AngelStep® 48P & 484P

AngelStep® 48P & 484P

AngelStep ® flooring underlay combines premium acoustic performance with minimum added floor height.

This product achieves the highest possible AAAC (Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants) 6-Star rating for tile and timber flooring on a concrete substrate (test report No: 002 2007125).

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2. AngelStep® GOLD 8


The unrivalled performance of AngelStep® GOLD is due to its unique and patented construction – a laminate of double-needle-punched, high-density, sound-absorbent polyester and a resilient ‘cross-linked’ microcellular foam to form an 8mm thick substrate.

This product is available in sheets sized 1150mm x 1150mm.

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For Noise Transmissions

Sound (noise) transmission through air, materials, and walls can be prevented. Acoustica Projects provides a range of self-manufactured products that can help minimise sound transmission on your premises, such as substrates for soundproof walls and acoustic barriers. We have various noise reduction solutions for any residential or commercial needs, from home cinemas to marine sound deadening insulation.

These products will be the perfect gift for your family and friends experiencing the problem!

1. QuietWave® – Acoustic Barrier


QuietWave® assists in noise control and dampens sound vibration, which decreases the amount of sound transmission between the affected areas.

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2. Acoustic Paint

Acoustic Paint - Acoustica Projects

Acoustica Sydney uses acoustic paint that is proven to reduce and absorb sound by 2,51 dBm/Hz in just a single coat – and we usually use two coats. Combined with other materials, this product is a major eliminator of noise transmission.

This water-based paint can be manufactured in any colour to suit your job. Fire-resistant, this product is suitable for use anywhere noise needs to be controlled.

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3. Aeropac® – Acoustic Air Ventilation


The Aeropac® is a quiet air ventilator for when the room is near a noisy environment.

This product is perfect for keeping the air you breathe clean, as well as giving you some peace of mind in the room. The Aeropac®’s sleek and contemporary design blends into every room type and runs as quiet as a whisper.

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Have you found the perfect gift? Contact us for more!

Did you find the perfect soundproofing present for a loved one this holiday season? Please feel free to contact Acoustica Projects for more information on the products and consultation!