Soundproofing for Law Firms & Lawyer’s Offices

Law offices, law enforcement agencies, and courtrooms require a high level of speech privacy to ensure that justice is carried out fairly. Victims and witnesses need to feel comfortable giving statements, while the accused needs to discuss their case with their counsel privately.

Soundproofing in Legal Environments - Acoustica Projects

Industry Problems & Challenges

As previously mentioned, privacy is vital in legal environments. For example, ineffective acoustic treatments can lead to incomplete statements due to lack of privacy and comfort. In this case, if victims, witnesses, and clients feel that their conversations are not private, they may not give complete statements. Of course, that can affect how the case proceeds after that.

Additionally, the rights of the accused can be compromised if conversations are not kept private. This is why proper acoustic treatments — which are so often overlooked during the building process — matter so much in legal environments. Unfortunately, interview rooms and processing areas often have walls built to the ceiling, not to the deck, which leads to ineffective sound blocking.

For another example, imagine this scenario: what if sidebar meetings, discussions between clients and attorneys, discussions between judge and counsel, and jury deliberations can easily be overheard within the courtroom? Who knows what and how that leaked information will be used after that? Needless to say, overhearing statements can pose a threat to all the parties involved in the case.

Other than that, unwanted noise from the adjoining corridors can interrupt court proceedings, which may disrupt the case proceedings altogether.

Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatments for Legal Environments with Acoustica Projects

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