Soundproofing For Restaurants

Diners in restaurants experience a more pleasurable and tastier meal in a better environment. Ambient noise plays a large part in setting that environment: a restaurant that is too loud will inhibit diners’ ability to communicate with each other. Conversely, one that is too quiet can easily lack the all-important ‘atmosphere’.

Therefore, one of the most critical factors in making a great restaurant experience is the acoustics. Soundproofing for restaurants gives that perfect mix of nice ambient sounds which hide your intimate conversations, without being so quiet as to feel uncomfortable and overhearing every conversation at every table. Some restaurants love that ‘live’ sound of the kitchen activity and a bustling atmosphere. Others would like the ambiance to be more subdued, thus exuding intimacy and elegance.

All of this takes a concerted effort, careful thought, planning and execution. If you rely purely on chance to get the formula right for acoustics quality in your restaurant, then you can only hope for good luck. The Acoustica Projects team of experts has customised the perfect mix for many restaurants, bars and cafés throughout Australia.

Soundproofing for Restaurants: How To Do It


First, we have our experienced acoustic consultants to assess the premises. They determine the acoustic requirements according to the restaurant owner’s needs, using internal and external sound considerations. We then create the desired atmosphere required by the owner for your restaurant’s patrons to ensure pleasure and return business.

We have successfully treated the following sound problems in restaurants:

Reverberation Noise within and outside the restaurant, including kitchen noise and a variety of eating areas etc.

External problem areas, such as a restaurant that shares a building with a louder business, traffic noise or the loud music playing next door.

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