Residential Soundproofing & In-Home Acoustic Solutions

Acoustica Project Management makes residential soundproofing easy. Call today for a consultation on your unique needs.

Soundproofing your home is easy with the right expertise and experiences. Here at Acoustica Projects Sydney and Newcastle, we custom design the right solutions to solve noise-controlling problems in your home.

Noise could disrupt your living qualities in your family home uninvited, especially when it enters through poorly sealed windows and doors. Disruptive noises like loud neighbors, the wannabe rock band playing in the garage next door or even just street noises from passing traffic can be irritating. As there are so many possible noise problems, there can be many differing noise control treatments for your living space that are needed.

Acoustica Projects uses a variety of sound controlling materials and special acoustic construction techniques give your family the peace and quiet you deserve.

It is more economical to invest in soundproofing (architectural acoustics noise control), at time of building your home, but it is still possible to do a soundproofing retrofit on pre-existing homes Our team of experts will work with you to design the most affordable and effective solutions for your personal sound-controlling issues.

Some Residential Soundproofing Applications We Can Help You With at Home


Investment in residential soundproofing should be considered in the long term. Within a few years, continuous relief from noise will pay off in less stress and getting a good night’s sleep. These initial costs can usually be fully recouped when the house is eventually sold and will make it much easier to sell! This acoustic treatment actually adds value to your home and making it more desirable.

The long term enjoyment of a quiet environment is difficult to measure.

Contact Acoustica Projects today to discuss your residential soundproofing needs.

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