Soundproofing For Industrial Sites

Our years of industrial experience and long-term partnerships with major Australian and international industrial groups, have given us the expertise to offer you the best solutions for integrating your industrial site into its environment and fully protecting your staff.

To control the noise impact of your industrial site and define an abatement program prioritised by the noise source, we carry out comprehensive acoustic studies in soundproofing for industrial sites. We also work with the general contractor during the design stages for new construction sites or industrial buildings.

Based on the plans and the characteristics of the equipment to be used, we carry out acoustic studies inside and outside buildings to estimate the sound levels generated onsite and in the neighborhood and thus their compliance with the Client’s specifications and regulatory requirements.

If necessary, an abatement plan is defined to ensure the future site’s compliance.

How Industrial Soundproofing Minimize Employee Exposure


We produce sound maps, and sound and vibration exposure maps to give you an accurate understanding of the environment in which the operators work.

If appropriate, we prepare a set of preventive and corrective action plans to ensure the safety and comfort of workers.

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Why use acoustic for industry
Why use acoustic for industry
Soundproofing For Industrial Sites