How to Soundproof a House From a Noise

Most homeowners value the peace and quiet of their home, especially when they retire in it for the night. Thus, it is important to soundproof your home, especially from outside noise to ensure that you are able to rest peacefully particularly at night.

In this case, here are some tips on how to soundproof your home from outside noise.

soundproof a house

Fix holes or cracks in your walls

Sound waves are able to easily travel even with opaque objects such as closed windows. Thus, sound waves can pass through holes or cracks in your wall even more easily. Hence, it is imperative for you to inspect your walls for any holes or cracks and repair them immediately. If the damage seems to be substantial, then enlist the services of a professional who will be able to help you address the issue.

Insulate your walls and ceilings

Insulation products such as ceiling panels or fibreglass behind your walls can dramatically decrease not only the noise coming in but also the sound going out. This is especially necessary for particular rooms where you want total peace and quiet such as your bedroom or a music room. In case you do have a music room, ensure that your equipment is of high quality, having the ability to amplify your music and drown out unnecessary noise. As for your bedroom, you may also want to use heavy drapes which are known to absorb sound better.

Seal your doors and windows

Another notable thing to do to soundproof your house from the noise coming from the outdoors is by sealing your doors and windows. Install a weathering strip in your main door frame to not only prevent heat loss but hamper outside noise as well. In parallel, you may also want to replace the doors, especially the hollow ones inside your home with one made of a solid material. This will substantially reduce the sound that will be able to pass through between rooms. Particularly for your bedroom, you may want to upgrade your window to a double or triple-panelled PVC frame to significantly reduce the noise pollution.

Fix squeaky floors

Finally, you may want to inspect your floors for squeaks and cracks because this can also greatly contribute to the noise pollution. Hardwood floors are usually the floor type that is prone to squeaks. Nevertheless, it is best to hire the services of a professional handyman in case you find excessive squeaking on your floors.


To wrap things up, soundproofing your home is sometimes necessary, especially to ensure that unwanted noise from the outdoors is minimized, if not totally eliminated. This will pave the way for better sleep or a quality rest. On the other hand, you may be a musician or an artist who wish to be able to concentrate on your craft. In this case, soundproofing your home from unnecessary noise is likewise necessary.

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