A revolution in pipe lagging, GreenLAG® is the superior solution for waste water acoustic insulation.

Combining a patented visco-elastic QuietWave® noise barrier with microcellular acoustic foam, GreenLAG® increases vibration damping through its soft microcellular material for exceptional sound transmission loss.


  • Waste water and storm water pipes
  • Hydraulic pipes
  • Air-conditioning ducts
  • Swimming pool/ spa pump lagging and enclosures
  • Valves
  • Fan housings
  • Compressor and generator enclosures

Key Benefits

  • The thinnest and lightest NCC-compliant acoustic pipe lagging available
  • A patented Visco-elastic acoustic barrier using the ‘QuietWave® technology’
  • A special designed foil for improved durability
  • Environmentally- friendly
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Cost effective - save over 12% when using flat foam GreenLAG®
  • GreenLAG® ticks all the boxes for health, safety, ease and economy of installation, acoustic performance and material saving and conservation
  • Safe for workers, safe for building occupants
  • Group 1 Fire Rating


  • GreenLAG® combines a visco-elastic QuietWave® barrier with microcellular acoustic foam
  • Another direct consequence of material thickness, is the reduction of the ‘Vibrations Radiating Surface’, when lagged over pipe
  • Can be supplied in rolls, bends, strips and junctions
  • Easy to handle, cut and quick to install by trained professionals
  • Australian designed and manufactured, specified and trusted all over the world
  • Low LOC's - less than a recognised threshold of 0.5mg "Green Star"
  • Exceeds acoustic requirements of the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC)


GreenLAG® exceeds the acoustic requirements set out in the BCA 2011 (Ref. F5.6) for habitable & non-habitable rooms:

Exceeds Rw+Ctr 40 for habitable rooms.

Exceeds Rw+Ctr 25 for non-habitable rooms.

Fire Rating

Classification: Group 1 (fire protection is not dependent on additional layer.)

VOC Emissions

VOC emissions: <0.5mg

Scores & Test Results

Maximum Noise Level (LAmax) – The maximum noise level over a sample period is the maximum level, measured on fast response, during the sample period.

The A Weighted Sound Exposure Level (LAE) – the noise level that would be generated if all the energy from a discreet noise event (e.g., a toilet flush) was compressed into 1 second.


  • Easily cut GreenLAG® with a knife or scissors to size, keeping wastage to a minimum.
  • Wrap GreenLAG® around the pipe overlapping all joints by 50mm (vertical & horizontal) to avoid potential flanking noise.
  • Wrap 3 circumferential wraps of high quality 48mm - 72mm wide reinforced aluminium tape (sold separately) at approximately every 350mm (ie. 3 wraps every 1m of pipe length) and tape along seams.
  • Ensure a minimum separation of 50mm between the pipe and the plasterboard ceiling for maximum effect.

Calculating the width (W) W = π x [OD + (2xT)] +50mm overlap

W = width of pipe lagging to go around the pipe

OD = Outside pipe Diameter

T = Pipe lagging thickness

π = 3.14

For maximum sound reduction, penetrations through ceilings and walls need to be addressed especially when down lights, air conditioning returns and access hatches are present.

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