Create A printed Ceiling To Match Your Identity With Acoustica Projects

Create a printed ceiling to match your identity with Acoustica Projects

It’s time to totally rethink the role of ceiling covers, which are no longer just used for practical purposes, whether it’s to hide insulation or electrical cables, for example. They are now an important design aspect in their own right, for both professional and individual clients. Simply select an image, Acoustica Projects will print it and the installer will take care of the rest. All you need to do is make that leap.

How to create a printed ceiling for your home?

Contact Acoustica Projects, providing your contact details and we will put you in touch with the closest accredited installer to you. Then it’s up to you to select the visual or visuals of your choice and to create the ambience you had in mind.

As soon as it’s been given the green light, your stretch fabric will be sent for printing and the installer will come to fit it (plus lights) and to take care of any finishing touches. Once the project is completed, your room will be transformed, achieving its full potential.

Why go with Acoustica Projects printed ceilings?

Printable covers are suitable for use in all environments, whether it’s in businesses, public institutions, hospitals or houses, meaning everyone can use fabric to create the right atmosphere for them. The only thing standing in your way is your imagination.

In children’s bedrooms, printed ceilings provide a sort of dream backdrop where a range of stories can take shape. Printed ceilings can be constellations, enchanted castles, drawings or animals, helping to promote a sense of wonder in young children.

For adults, you can transform your ceiling to create the design and the atmosphere you want, capable of transporting you to other lands in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s treetops putting you in mind of the gentle smells of the forest, or blue skies transporting you to the hazy days of summer, printed ceilings have an impact on everyone, taking you on a journey and reflecting your own personality. This lets you customise spaces to match your identity, with a focus on aesthetic appeal.

Take a look at Acoustica Projects, our website dedicated to printed covers, where you will find a range of both trendy and timeless collections.

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Create A Printed Ceiling To Match Your Identity With Acoustica Projects

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Create A Printed Ceiling To Match Your Identity With Acoustica Projects

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