Acoustic Services for Corporate offices

Whether you spend your days in a commercial office setting or from the comfort of your own home office, acoustics can play a big role in your success and productivity. Poor office acoustics can impact conference calls, distract coworkers, and destroy productivity. If you’re experiencing issues with sound in your office, Acoustica Projects is here to help. Ensure your office is a productive one with a variety of environmentally-friendly soundproofing options.

Why are acoustics so important in corporate offices?

Offices can be incredibly collaborative settings. With this collaboration, however, comes issues with sound quality and privacy, as well as the possibility of distractions. This is particularly true of large, open offices. Sound absorption will help to control sound throughout your office. Acoustically absorptive materials absorb sound, preventing it from freely bouncing throughout your office. This will help control echo and reverberation, and will limit sound carrying throughout your office. Offices with good acoustics give many benefits, such as:

1. Increased concentration

The Wall Street Journal cited a study which found that once distracted, it can take 23 minutes for the average worker to regain concentration. Good room acoustics will ensure that noise is absorbed before it has the chance to distract someone and disrupt their concentration.

2. Increased productivity

With less distraction, employees will be far more focused, productive and efficient. As unwanted noise is proven to increase stress levels and blood pressure, then good acoustics can also be attributed to decreasing absenteeism and improving employee morale.

3. Improved privacy

There will naturally be conversations taking place in closed offices or meeting rooms that need to be private. Just because the door is closed doesn’t necessarily mean that conversations can’t be heard through walls. Good room acoustics will stop voices from travelling and ensure confidentiality.

Acoustica Projects offers several options and solutions to make sure your office has great acoustics for a better work environment.