Barrier: AcoustiFlex® SQ 27, 29, 31 – Acoustic Barrier


AcoustiFlex® SQ is a flexible noise barrier and vibration damping material consisting of a foamed loaded resin supported with a thermally bonded polyester and a reinforced aluminium facing. Offering exceptional high performance, AcoustiFlex® SQ is durable yet flexible enough to be used almost anywhere noise control is needed. Available as AcoustiFlex® SQ 27, AcoustiFlex® SQ 29 and AcoustiFlex® SQ 31.


  • Walls, roofs, and ceilings
  • Home theatres
  • Entertainment areas
  • Offices and office equipment
  • Machinery enclosures
  • Noise screening
  • Strip curtains in factories
  • Construction sites
  • Portable acoustic screens

Effective against

  • External noise from aircraft
  • Motor vehicles
  • Rail transportation
  • Neighbouring properties
  • Adjoining offices
  • Construction noise

Key Benefits

  • Highly effective noise barrier
  • Multi-use noise control - use in walls, ceilings and roofs, hang or fasten to any surface
  • Easy to handle, cut and install
  • Available in three different roll sizes and different weights and thicknesses
  • This acoustic barrier is unaffected by water and is highly resistant to oils and chemicals
  • Offers superior performance across the whole frequency spectrum


  • Flexible barrier, maximum performance - suitable for all types of noise disturbance and frequencies in particular aircraft and traffic
  • Cost-effective and durable - long lasting with a 10-year guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly - Low VOC's less than a recognised threshold 0.5mg Green Star
  • No protective wear required for installation
  • Tear-resistant
  • Group 1 fire rated
  • Soft visco-elastic structure increases vibration damping and has better sound transmission loss
  • No plasticisers
  • Standard Roll Dimensions
    • SQ27 – 1.3m x 5.4m
    • SQ29 – 1.3m x 4m
    • SQ31 – 1.3m x 2.5m
  • Weight/m2
    • SQ27 – 2.5 kg/ m2
    • SQ29 – 4 kg/ m2
    • SQ31 – 6 kg/ m2


Fire Rating

AcoustiFlex® SQ has been certified by the CSIRO Division of Materials Science and Engineering as Group 1 Fire Rated.

VOC Emission

Low VOC: <0.5mg Green Star

Scores & Test Results

Typically the AcoustiFlex® SQ 27 achieves the equivalent Rw of a competitors 4kg noise barrier, AcoustiFlex® SQ 29 = 6kg noise barrier and AcoustiFlex® SQ 31 = 8kg noise barrier.

Scores & Test Results


AcoustiFlex® can be:

  • Nailed or adhered to wall studs and surfaces, floor and ceiling joists
  • Incorporated in partitioning and doors
  • Hung in false ceilings as a baffle
  • Joined with aluminium tape

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