Absorber: High Density (HD) Batts


An effective, high performance sound absorber for residential, industrial and commercial properties.
HD Batts high density acoustic insulation are highly resistant to deterioration over time offering a consistent solution to everyday noise.


  • Residential - homes, apartments
  • Offices
  • Industrial lagging
  • Storage tanks
  • Process equipment areas
  • Appliance cabinets
  • Plant rooms
  • Acoustic baffles

Key Benefits

  • Non-irritant
  • Unaffected by mould, mildew and rot
  • Resistant to vermin and insect attack
  • Consistent performance in all conditions


  • Install in interior cavities to reduce unwanted sounds and perimeter walls to reduce exterior noise or use as acoustic baffles.
  • Made of 100% non-irritant polyester which is dust and fibre free
  • Serves the dual purpose of heat insulation and are Group 1 fire rated as tested to AS 1530
  • Come in three different weights: 32kg/m2, 48kg/m2, and 60kg/m2 that are available in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm.
  • Moisture content of less than 0.1% per volume when tested in an atmosphere of 65% relative humidity at 20°C
  • When used with a vapour barrier facing (plain or perforated) max surface temperature is limited to 70°C in all Batts


BCA compliant with a 4 zero fire rating:
Ignitability (0-20): 0
Spread of Flame (1-10): 0
Heat Evolved (0-10): 0
Smoke developed (0-10): 0
As tested to AS 1530 Part 3

Scores & Test Results

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