Why Soundproofing Is Important: Health Benefits Of A Quiet Home

As someone rightly pointed out, “Health is Wealth”. Issues related to noise might not seem very intimidating in the beginning, but if ignored, could prove to be havoc to our health.

As per a report published by the World Health Organizations (WHO) in 2011, noise pollution is termed as a ‘modern plague’. If we calculate the total time in a day where we are quiet or in a silent environment, the answer would most probably be not much.

Studies have shown that persistent noise could lead to less cooperation and more aggression to individuals. This might eventually have a negative impact on personal and professional relationships.

In an age where we are constantly listening to podcasts, answering phone calls, or listening to music, we are almost never in an atmosphere free from noise. If we take some time out and spend some time inhaling some fresh air or doing some sort of yoga, it could prove to be a boon to our health.

The Correlation between Noise, Stress, and Health Issues

Research has shown over and over again that a lot of health issues are directly proportional to stress. And the noise is one of the top factors that contribute to stress. It is found more commonly among people living in urban areas as they are regularly exposed to traffic-related noise, public chatter among others. The silence was once a pride asset, but turned out to be a luxury in today’s age. If you are in a noisy ambiance, taking a vacation in the mountains wouldn’t be a bad idea.

A quick moment of silence could prove to be more fruitful than listening to our favorite songs before we begin an important task. It refreshes the brain and improves the memory. Since we also spend a good amount of time driving, major auto manufacturers have started to incorporate reduced noise features in the car related to tuning or engine sounds. This also applies to headphone players in the market who are spending a lot of research to come up with noise cancellation products

There are a lot of spiritual centers across the globe where people practice different forms of meditation. It helps them to be calm, compassionate and have a positive outlook towards the surroundings. Meditation has become quite famous in the past few years, and some even predict that it could be the next big business opportunity. Therefore, it is clear that a quiet environment with the least noise as possible is essential for our well being. Having mentioned these, let us now dive into the health benefits of a quiet home.

6 Benefits of Soundproofing and Having a Quiet Home

Even though we can’t completely eliminate the noise from our environments, living in a quiet home could have some of the following positive impacts.

Lower Stress Level

The Quiet home atmosphere is directly proportional to fewer levels of stress. There is an overall body relaxation, better communication with the family members and improved relationships. It also helps to better our immune system as higher stress level could potentially affect it. Even if you had a stressful day at work, a quiet home could reduce stress drastically.

Better Concentration

Having a less noisy environment would help you concentrate better on the tasks. In today’s computing age where there are lots of professionals and freelancers who work from home, having a conducive place would help them better analyze and deliver a higher quality of work.

Augmented Brain Function

With more silence, there are new cells being generated in the hippocampus region. This is extremely vital to emotional balance, the pace with which we learn things and our memory.

Insomnia Levels

Insomnia is a common problem in individuals of all ages and gender. Studies have shown that quiet environments and meditation have reduced depression levels and improved sleep. This is essential as sleep is the root cause of a lot of other issues like fatigue, reduced performance at work.


Quiet time allows individuals to focus on things that matter and reflect upon one’s areas of improvement. This is especially true in children who tend to be more enthusiastic and creative in younger years. It is imperative that children are not exposed to boisterous homes as it affects their mental state, makes them irritable and could also induce negative thoughts in them.

Better Rest

It is quite natural that people tend to sleep for longer hours and undisturbed if they are in a calm environment. It also helps to have one’s own ‘me time’ away from the stereotypical activities. Better rest also leads to improved intelligence.

Even though we can’t eliminate noise from our lives, we could do a great deal of effort to minimize it. One of the ways we could do that is by soundproofing our home. By not taking it for granted, we could not only have overall improved life balance and better our rapport with friends and families, but also prevent ourselves from adverse effects of hearing loss.

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