Barrier: QuietWave® – Acoustic Barrier


QuietWave® assists in noise control and dampens sound vibration, which decreases the amount of sound transmission between the affected areas. QuietWave® acoustic plasterboard barrier is the most economic acoustic wall system available. The thinnest and lightest way to achieve the highest acoustic performance, QuietWave® is a class above minimum NCC requirements.


  • Multi-residential walls
  • Retrofits
  • High confidentiality partition wall systems (for lawyers and doctors offices)
  • Commercial walls and ceilings
  • Improving existing partition wall and ceiling performance
  • Sole occupancy unit dividing walls
  • Boardroom and office division walls
  • Partition wall systems to block out confidential conversations

Key Benefits

  • Exceeds the Building Code of Australia (BCA) minimum requirements
  • Can achieve the highest AAAC acoustic rating of 6 stars
  • Thinnest and lightest possible wall system for the highest acoustic rating
  • Most economical 6-star rating wall system available
  • Effective for low frequencies to counter everyday noise from home audio and theatre systems
  • Easily penetrated without compromising performance, a finished QuietWave® wall is solid and has similar resonance to masonry
  • At just 1.2 mm thick QuietWave® provides a saving of 50% in the width of the wall against a comparable 6-star wall system and can be easily installed by just one person.


  • QuietWave® technology is incorporated into Acoustica Projects’ range of acoustic products for walls, partitions, floors, ceilings and pipe lagging
  • Consists of a flexible visco-elastic membrane and patented constrained layer membrane, combined with vibration damping material
  • Group 1 fire rating
  • Low VOC - less than a recognised threshold of 0.5mg for Green Star
  • Maximum acoustic rating, thin and light profile
  • Save costs and increase space
  • Specifically designed for plasterboard walls - controls low frequencies and upper-mid frequencies which typically occur in plasterboard walls
  • Standard roll size — 1.3m x 5.4m
  • QuietWave® thickness — 1.2mm


Fire Rating

Group 1 fire rating

VOC Emissions

VOC emissions: low VOC <5.0mg

Scores & Test Results

Acoustic Performance Index – the cost of the wall compared to acoustic performance, wall thickness and floor space cost.

When Acoustica Projects’ concept of Acoustic Performance Index is applied to the QuietWave® wall system, the score is extremely high.

The QuietWave® wall system is only 148mm wide and has an acoustic performance that can ONLY be matched by the best wall system at 280-300mm wide.

System 1= QuietWave® sandwiched with 6.5mm plasterboard on both sides of a stud wall + 14kg/m3 insulation. Rw + Ctr = 41dB

System 2= QuietWave® sandwiched with 13mm standard plasterboard on both sides of a stud wall + 14kg/m3 insulation. Rw + Ctr = 46dB

System 3= QuietWave® sandwiched with 13mm Fyrchek plasterboard on both sides of a stud wall + 14kg/m3 insulation. Rw + Ctr = 51dB

Tests show that when sandwiched between two layers of 13mm Fire-check plasterboard the sound transmission loss achieved is equivalent to 5 layers of the same plasterboard.

1. Wilkinson MurrayDoc. PD 200813
sandwiched between 2 x
13mm plasterboard
38 (Ctr -2)
2. Sebastian GiglioDoc. 204335/D01a
2 x 13mm plasterboard
33 (Ctr -2)
3. PKA Acoustic ConsultingDoc. 204 202 R01
148mm staggered stud
wall with QuietWave®
sandwiched between 2 x
13mm plasterboard on
both sides of the stud
63 (Ctr-7)

The development of QuietWave® noise barrier has been achieved with a matching acoustic performance of R1,cw 27 for the 2.5kg/m2 (Wilkinson & Murray test results above).

QuietWave® has been certified by the CSIRO Division of Materials Science and Engineering as Group 1 Fire Rated.

Our tests show that when QuietWave® is sandwiched between two layers of 13mm Fyrchek plasterboard, the Sound Transmission Loss (STL) achieves is equivalent to 5 layers of the same plasterboard.

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