acoustic lighting



Acoustic lights are a type of lighting fixture that incorporates sound emitting elements into their design.

These lights are designed to provide both illumination and absorb sound in a single unit, and are often used in settings where both light and sound are needed, such as in clubs, bars, or music venues.



key benefits

Acoustic Lighting
Acoustic Lighting



scores & test results


The effectiveness of adding an acoustic lighting product has been investigated in two (2) separate research and sound level testing tests. The sources of information used were as follows:

AS/NZS 2107:2016– Acoustics—Recommended design sound levels and reverberation times for building interiors

WELL Building Standard v1 2017, International WELL Building Institute

WELL Performance Verification Guidebook, v1, 2016, International WELL Building Institute

ISO 3382:20091, Measurement of room acoustic parameters – “interrupted noise method”.

acoustic lightingTest report

Designs, Colours & Specifications

Small opera pendant
Small opera pendant Specifications
Medium Opera Pendant
Medium Opera Pendant specifications
Medium Opera Pendant with bulb
Medium Opera Pendant with bulb specifications
Large Opera pendant
Large Opera pendant specifications
Medium Opera Pendant Chandlier
Large Opera Chandlier
Large Opera Chandlier specification
Brutalis Linear light
Brutalis Linear light specifications

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