5 Soundproofing Home Hacks To Help Kill Outside Noise

If you’re a drummer who’s downsizing and turning his apartment into a studio, you’ll probably need to invest in some serious soundproofing solutions. But what about all of us regular folks who just want to block out the sound from a neighbour’s TV or the street below? Well, you don’t need to resort to gluing egg cartons to the wall. Everything from your furniture placement to your choice of rugs can help keep outside sounds out and inside sounds in.

soundproofing home hacks

The result from these tips will be minimal, but every bit helps, right? Especially when your neighbour sings like a cat in heat and your landlord won’t let you cover the walls in foam.

1. Fill in Holes and Cracks


If you’ve got a noisy street below your apartment, check out the wall that faces that side of the building. Any air leaks are also going to be sound leaks. Check around windows and doors, but also look for gaps between your drywall and power outlets. Fix any offending leaks with caulk or weatherstripping.

2. Seal Off Your Door


If you’re irritated by the noise in the hallway outside your apartment, the door is definitely the first place to look for a solution. Even if your corridors are indoors, install weather-stripping to help keep noise out. Also, an unobtrusive door sweep attached to the bottom of the door will help with soundproofing.

3. Hang a Fabric Wall


If you’re hating the late-night music from a next-door neighbour, attack your shared wall. Not with a broomstick, but with fabric. Hang curtains or a gorgeous fabric on the offending wall—wall-to-wall will work best, but even a decorative fabric panel will help—to cushion the noise.

4. Move Your Big Furniture Around


If you’re not down with the curtain-wall look, try moving your furniture layout around to get the same effect. A big, upholstered couch on your shared wall can help absorb some noise too.

5. Leave it to the Professionals


Making sure your apartment or home has a great acoustics could be complicated, even costly, for first-timers. If you need consultations, our noise control experts are always available. Contact us now at Acoustica Projects!

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